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Robby Alden was involved in a case involving my nephew. Although he represented another party in the case, I observed Robby’s work in the process. Robby is one of the most tenacious trial lawyers in the state. His attention to detail is unsurpassed.


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Austin Personal Injury Attorney Kevin Henrichson

Our attorneys have been fighting for justice in the courtroom since our founding in 1959. The advantage of hiring true trial attorneys is leverage.

You don’t have to accept an unreasonable settlement when you have the ability to go to trial and get full and fair compensation. The other side will take notice when you hire lawyers with experience in the courtroom. Often, we are able to negotiate a settlement without going to trial.

Our business was founded on serving our clients with honesty, integrity and excellence. Over 50 years later, Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP carries on our founders’ goals. Our attorneys are dedicated to treating every single client with the respect and care they deserve.


ResultsNotable Cases

  • $8.2 Million

    Bus Accident

    A 3-year-old boy suffered a serious brain injury when a Capital Metro bus collided with a suburban in northwest Austin, Texas. At trial, we were able to establish fault on both dri ... READ MORE

  • $1.5 million

    Bicycle Accident

    An experienced cyclist was riding through an intersection in Austin, Texas when an SUV pulled out in front of him. The driver of the SUV insisted that he had a green light, which w ... READ MORE

  • Unfair Utility Fees

    The City of Austin collects drainage fees from utility customers. Byrd Davis Furman & Alden, LLP represented plaintiffs claiming the city was applying the fee unfairly. A judge ... READ MORE

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    Mr. Alden was very sincere from the beginning. He was very poised, very articulate when working with the juror’s. Never augmentative with the judge or any witnesses. Robert was just, very factual and to the point! Communication appeared to be a priority to him and helped coach me through the process that was ahead, and helped me to understand what to expect! He focused more on how to overcome the issues, rather then more on a “similar” past case. I am not one to list “all” excellent and I usual list a mix of poor, standard and/or good. But I cannot think of when I have ever listed all excellent rating!

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    One of the best Aviation attorneys in the world. They provide a very comfortable and profession environment for personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

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