Common Causes Of Work Accidents

Workplace injuries are becoming more and more common, with some turning into fatal tragedies. Ever day about 12 workers will go into work and not return home. In addition, work injuries that result in permanent loss of faculties are possible and occur to far more people than one might think. Even though it is your employer's responsibility to maintain a safe work environment, there are some things you can do to make sure that you do not put yourself in danger. Here are the most common sources of workplace injuries so you know how to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Work Violence

Office politics and any other type of arguments in the work area can lead to grave physical injuries. We all know that staying in an office or a construction site can be daunting at times and may lead to a more stressful and tensed environment. The cases of such injury can be reduced with the help of the employee training and diligence department. Constantly monitoring any suspicious events can certainly reduce the risk of this type of injury. If you feel like you are being threatened do not dismiss your suspicions and file a complaint to reduce the threat. If necessary, it is better to quit than to be gravely injured. Contact our law office if you feel you need to file a lawsuit.

Vehicular Accidents

Any employee who has the responsibility to handle and drive the company car are at great risk of automobile injuries and accidents. The sad part about this is the fact that this type of accidents can be fatal for most cases. This type of accident can be reduced with the help of the employee safe driver training and the emplacement of safe driving policies.

Machine Entanglement

This is a common injury in workplaces that involve the use of heavy machineries and equipment. When the employee failed to take the necessary precaution, his clothes, hair, shoes, fingers and hands are at risk of being entangled in the machine. It is best that workers are provided protective equipment as defense against this type of injury in the workplace.

Injuries Caused By Falling Objects

Any object that has been dropped from construction sites, shelves or fallen from the hand of a co-worker can bring about serious injuries. The most common injury that this can cause is in the head. One great way to prevent this is wearing personal protection gear like a heard hat.

Slip and Fall

Floors in the workplace should be kept free from any wet surfaces or objects. This is because it is very easy to trip over an object that is lying in the ground or slip in a wet surface. Safety guidelines should be implemented to make sure that any spill should be cleaned right away.

No matter how much you prepare for an accident, it is impossible to make sure they will never occur. In the event that you are seriously hurt on the job contact the Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP law team so that we can go about making sure you receive compensation for your injuries.