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Commercial Aviation Attorneys

Austin Aviation Attorneys

The freedom a pilot feels during flight is second to none. A big blue sky on a cloudless afternoon leaves many pilots with a satisfied smile, while the world far below their plane slinks from their shoulders. But though the sky can be a place of refuge, it is still subject to the law, and many pilots carry gigantic legal responsibilities for their crew, cargo and the passengers aboard.

Aviation lawyers are there to deal with any legal matter that might turn those seemingly friendly skies ugly. Whether you are dealing with a passenger plane or a cargo plane, a commercial airliner, or a private craft, aviation lawyers are there to help depending on what you need. It’s important to choose the right lawyer for you and often dependant on your situation.

If you are an international commercial pilot it’s best to know a lawyer that has experience in international law and is licensed to practice law abroad. Many things can happen on a flight while crossing borders that might make the pilot liable in a strange place. For that reason it’s important to have a lawyer that is familiar with the International Civil Aviation Organization and the rules and regulations they operate under.

If you are flying a commercial airline, either carrying cargo or passengers, you will also have to deal with the rules and regulations of the airline company you work for as well. Aviation lawyers can help mediate any disagreements you have with your airline company whether it’s about your conduct or your company’s conduct, all depending on the nature of your contract.

Because of the danger associated with human flight, many things on board have been standardized to such an extent that it could make you as a pilot liable. Things like cabin pressure, temperature and altitude all have to be just right for each flight to comply with the regulations they fly under. Aviation lawyers will know these regulations just as well as any pilot and be able to defend you should a passenger or crew member file a complaint for failure to comply with such regulations.

As you can probably tell, aviation law is a complex and often contextual pursuit, dependant on many outside variables and regulations both inside and outside the cockpit. If you or someone you know is a pilot and happens to get in trouble for any reason it’s important to call our licensed Austin aviation lawyers to help defend or represent you in your situation.