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Can You Copy an Entire Book Legally?

In today's day and age it is less common to drop by the bookstore and more common to download a Kindle or ebook version. Sometimes these copies are not available and the cheapest option may seem like copying a book. But is it legal to photocopy a book and pass it around?

Why are Some Sentences Heavier for the Same Crime?

The process of criminal sentencing is highly variable, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to determining the punishment for a crime. What if the defendant has no previous offenses? Or on the other hand, what if he or she has a lengthy criminal record? These can be factors affecting what penalties will be assigned to the accused.

Filing an Amicable Divorce

Many people know that divorce can be nasty, especially with kids and payments. However, divorce does not necessarily have to be a tragedy, and can instead mean the legal end of a declining relationship so that both parties have the opportunity to find more happiness.

Business Owners How-To: Refusing Service

Many business owners have taken precautions against customers who claim they don't need to leave an establishment by using "we reserve the right to refuse service" signs. But what do these signs mean and does it mean that you can refuse service to anyone? Because private businesses are technically still public places businesses are subject to federal and state anti-discrimination laws. This means that businesses may not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability, gender, and sex. Arbitrary discrimination is usually not supported by the courts, but if you can prove a patron has violated business practices you may be able to kick them out.

Is Refusal to Testify a Criminal Act?

As evidenced by trials on courtroom dramas and drama films, testimony from witnesses can be important evidence that often leads to a conviction or acquittal. But the same holds true for real courtrooms, where the testimony of an outsider or witness can be the final damning evidence needed for conviction. For this reason, the courts value the importance of witnesses coming forth and providing evidence. It can be equally important for the witnesses to protect themselves from incrimination or danger associated with trial. How do witnesses keep themselves out of trouble when refusal to testify could be seen as a criminal act resulting in contempt of court charges and penalties like fines and jail time? Here are the rules associated with testifying in court.

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